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“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
Before The Wedding

Before The Wedding

  1. Plan the groom roast.
    Brides have a bridal shower, so men deserve a little “man time” where family and friends can get together.
  2. Help the best man.
    Assist with the planning and cost of the bachelor party.
  3. Get your attire.
    Pay for all formal wear needed for the wedding (unless groom is providing).
  4. Attend pre-wedding events.
    Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (usually with a significant other).

Wedding Day

  1. Be ready for pictures.
    Arrive 4 hours before the ceremony to get dressed (if you're planning to come dressed, then getting there at least 3 hours before the ceremony should be fine). The timing for pictures will depend on whether the bride and groom are going to see each other before or after she walks down the aisle. If they wait, then there will be more pictures right after the ceremony.
  2. Get your boutonniere.
    Someone will give this to you, just make sure it’s on your left lapel, stem down.
  3. Assist the best man.
    Make sure the groom and bridal party are ready for the ceremony.
  4. Assist the ushers.
    Help seat guests. Refer to the usher’s responsibilities for more information.
  5. Assist the vendors.
    The bride and groom will not want to be answering questions from vendors, so be sure at least one of you is the point person for handling any vendor needs.
  6. Know how to enter the ceremony.
    You may or may not accompany a bridesmaid/matron down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony (it’s up to the bride and groom).
  7. Know how to exit the ceremony.
    You will accompany a bridesmaid/matron back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony (you may also be announced into the reception area with your bridesmaid).


  1. Know how to enter.
    After the grandparents and parents have been seated, it’s your turn. You may or may not accompany a bridesmaid/matron down the aisle (it’s up to the bride and groom). If you don’t, make your way to the alter (last groomsman first) with the officiant, groom and best man.
  2. Stand at the groom’s side.
    Line up shoulder to shoulder directly following the best man.
  3. Know how to exit.
    Once the bride and groom have made their exit, extend your arm to the appropriate bridesmaid/matron, and walk back down the aisle together (you may also be announced into the reception area with your bridesmaid/matron).

After The Wedding

  1. Take care of your attire.
    Return your tuxedo/suit to the rental shop. If it was purchased, take it to the cleaners.