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Trivia Questions

Send this set of questions to the bride beforehand, so you have the answers ready to go. For every question the groom does not answer correctly, he must receive a small penalty (ex. each wrong answer means he has to add another marshmallow to his mouth or down another shot).

  1. What was the first movie you saw together?
  2. Where did you share your first kiss?
  3. What’s one thing she couldn’t live without?
  4. What is her favorite candy?
  5. How long have you been together?
  6. How many piercings does she have?
  7. What’s her favorite restaurant?
  8. How many kids does she want?
  9. How many tattoos does she have?
  10. If she could be a famous person who would she be?
  11. What kind of pet would she want when you’re married?
  12. Where would she rather live: the city, the coast or on a lake?
  13. What is her drink of choice while dinning out?
  14. What was her favorite childhood toy?
  15. If she could have any car what would it be?
  16. What is her biggest fear?
  17. What’s her biggest pet peeve?
  18. What does she want most out of life?
  19. What is the number one thing she likes to spend her money on?
  20. What does she like to do most on vacations?
  21. What is her favorite activity to do with you?
  22. What’s her favorite holiday?
  23. How many serious relationships has she been in prior to yours?
  24. What is her favorite color?