Groomsmen Gifts


“Love is its own aphrodisiac and is the main ingredient for lasting sex.”
Mort Katz (actor)
  1. Meet her needs first, not yours.
    By focusing on each other’s needs instead of your own, each of you will have a better sexual experience. That kind of result means you both will desire having sex more often.
  2. Consistently try new positions.
    Those that offer good eye contact are especially good. The key is making sure both of you know that a willingness to do it once does NOT mean either of you EVER has to do it again.
  3. Exercise regularly.
    When you do this, it helps you relax and at the same time heightens your sexual mood. Also, exercising in close proximity to one another (without touching) can build sexual tension, and the smell of each other’s sweat can increase it even more.
  4. Earn sexual favors.
    Create sexual games that last for a set amount of time, and have a range of activities from the simplest signs of affection to the extravagant. The more you are anticipating sex, the better it will be.
  5. Plan a trip.
    When you’re relaxing in an environment free from responsibility, it can increase your sexual desire for one another. If you can’t go on trips all the time, change the location for intimacy. This works especially well if she doesn’t know where you’re going.
  6. Continue looking attractive.
    Taking time to dress well, style your hair, shave all the necessary areas and add a splash of cologne can keep her desire for you in its highest possible state.
  7. Give her reasons to think about you during the day.
    Send a sweet, romantic or sensual text message. Just let her know you’re thinking of her.
  8. Make arousing each other a contest.
    Bet her that she couldn’t get you “noticeably” excited in public. For a more private game, bet her that you can make her orgasm before she makes you. Have fun with it!
  9. Know you wife's body.
    Taking the time to learn the location and difference between the clitoris and g-spot is very important.  In order to fully please her, you'll want to pay attention to the unique sensations each of these areas provide.
  10. Have a soft touch.
    Guys are typically stronger than women, so be sure to compensate for that by being extra gentle when touching her body. Some key “lesser known” areas are: shoulder blades, balls of her feet to the tip of her toes, the area of skin where the knees touch.
  11. Learn to give a great full body massage.
    Before you start, be sure to plan ahead. Get candles, massage oils and soothing “spa music”. As you’re massaging, don’t forget to kiss various parts of her body along the way.
  12. Take your time and build the anticipation.
    The longer the whole sexual experience takes, the better. Going instantly to sex is tempting, but the longer you resist with foreplay, the better the sex will be. Take her clothes off slowly. Start unbuttoning and unzipping, but do it in a few different areas. DON’T just finish in one area and start another… keep her guessing as to which piece of clothing is actually going to come off first.
  13. Use the bed sheets.
    Once she’s naked, cover her body with the thin top sheet. Having the sheet as a barrier while you take your time touching the sensitive parts of her body (inner thighs, vagina, chest…) should really turn her on.
  14. Head under the sheets.
    Go slow, and give her long and short kisses everywhere but her clitoris. Make sure she wants you to go there before you do. Once you do, go slow and use your tongue sparingly.
  15. Start with a simple position.
    When you start having intercourse, go slow and shallow in the beginning. Then mix in some deeper penetration, as well as pulling out half way then going back in. Remember to always move your penis around inside of her slowly. Occasionally, stop all movement when you’re all the way inside of her. When she is close to having an orgasm, grab her butt to give her a little extra sensation. When you’re close to climaxing, pull out and stimulate various parts of her entire body to keep the experience going even longer.
  16. Make some vibrations.
    Try thinking of your penis as a vibrator, and while you’re inside of her move it around like that. There’s a reason they make artificial penises vibrate.
  17. Talk to her during sex.
    Guys are turned on by the right visuals, and girls are by the right words. Tell her how in love with her you are and how beautiful she looks (point out specific areas). Ask her what she wants you to do to her next, and then tease her by going slow as you answer her request.
  18. Set the right environment.  Research shows you can have better sex in marriage by keeping bedroom colors warm, putting up imagry on the walls that gets you both sexually stimulated, using soy candles (burn at a lower temp... so the room doesn't get too hot) and not having a TV (50% less sex when you have it in your bedroom).