Groomsmen Gifts

Thank You Notes

“Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.”
G.B. Stern (author)
Thank You Notes
  1. Don’t wait.
    Write them within a month of your wedding.
  2. Be real.
    Try to sound like yourself.
  3. Have fun.
    Recipients appreciate a touch of humor.
  4. Avoid being generic.
    Notes must be handwritten, and should be as personal as possible.
  5. Talk about the gift.
    When thanking a guest for a household gift, mention what you’re going to do with it. When thanking a guest for money, let them know what the money will go toward. When thanking a guest for an experience, share a little bit about it.
  6. Don’t fake it.
    When thanking a guest for a gift you DON’T plan to keep/use, tell them how much you appreciate getting a gift, and emphasize how honored you are that they were there to celebrate your special day.
  7. Add a nice touch at the end.
    Tell guests something like “we look forward to seeing you again soon”.