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“Happiness consists of living each day as if it were the first day of your honeymoon and the last day of your vacation.”
  1. Leaving in the morning.
    The night of your wedding, stay in a local hotel so you can really enjoy the whole evening. Then, you’ll be all rested and ready to leave for your honeymoon destination in the morning.
  2. At least go somewhere.
    If it’s more convenient to take your honeymoon later in your marriage, then at least do a simple 3-4 night getaway right away.
  3. Picking a new destination.
    Select a location you’ve both never been to before. This way all your memories of the trip will be of your honeymoon and nothing else.
  4. Spending extra time with guests.
    You may want to postpone your honeymoon for a few days, so you can spend some additional time visiting with out-of-town guests (if applicable).
  5. Preparing for late wedding gifts.
    These may come to your house while you’re on your honeymoon, so have a family member or friend stop by your place a few times to see if there are any to pick up.
  6. Having your luggage ready.
    Store your luggage at the hotel where you’ll be spending your first night. This way you can leave for your honeymoon destination without having to go home (if applicable).
  7. Getting traveler’s insurance.
    It’s important to get this type of insurance for expensive trips, just in case you need to cancel it because of an emergency. Check with your insurance provider for specifics (if applicable).
  8. Taking lots of pictures.
    Be sure that one of you always has a camera to capture the moments you’re sharing as newlyweds… you can never get those back.