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“Happiness consists of living each day as if it were the first day of your honeymoon and the last day of your vacation.”


  1. Leaving in the morning.
    The night of your wedding, stay in a local hotel so you can really enjoy the whole evening. Then, you’ll be all rested and ready to leave for your honeymoon destination in the morning.
  2. At least go somewhere.
    If it’s more convenient to take your honeymoon later in your marriage, then at least do a simple 3-4 night getaway right away.
  3. Picking a new destination.
    Select a location you’ve both never been to before. This way all your memories of the trip will be of your honeymoon and nothing else.
  4. Spending extra time with guests.
    You may want to postpone your honeymoon for a few days, so you can spend some additional time visiting with out-of-town guests (if applicable).
  5. Preparing for late wedding gifts.
    These may come to your house while you’re on your honeymoon, so have a family member or friend stop by your place a few times to see if there are any to pick up.
  6. Having your luggage ready.
    Store your luggage at the hotel where you’ll be spending your first night. This way you can leave for your honeymoon destination without having to go home (if applicable).
  7. Getting traveler’s insurance.
    It’s important to get this type of insurance for expensive trips, just in case you need to cancel it because of an emergency. Check with your insurance provider for specifics (if applicable).
  8. Taking lots of pictures.
    Be sure that one of you always has a camera to capture the moments you’re sharing as newlyweds… you can never get those back.


  1. Use her maiden name.
    Be sure to book all honeymoon tickets under her maiden name (tickets will need to match the name on her photo ID, and also the name on her current passport if you’re planning to vacation out of the country).
  2. Renew passports.
    If either of your passports has expired and you need them for your trip, allow about 3 months for the renewal process. It can be faster, but you don’t want to chance it.
  3. Check for unsafe countries and helpful tips.
    Visit the US State Department to see which countries are currently listed with travel warnings before choosing your destination. Be sure to review their international travel tips before leaving on your trip.
  4. Know if you need a visa and passport.
    In order to visit some countries, you may need a visa and a passport. Check and see what is required.
  5. Protect yourself from getting sick.
    Some countries do require that you get vaccinated in order to prevent getting certain types of disease. This may need to be done weeks before you leave.
  6. Know when to tip.
    In some countries tipping is a must, and in others it’s an insult. Make sure you know what the custom is where you are going.
  7. Get a safety deposit box.
    Most hotels will have this as an option, so take it. Put all your important travel documents, travelers’ checks and any other valuable/important items in there. There should either be one in your room or an accessible one in a main lobby of the hotel.

What To Bring

  1. Make paper copies.
    You never know when your passport, driver’s license, credit cards, airline tickets and itinerary may get lost or stolen, so always have copies with you.
  2. Always carry cash.
    You never know when cash may be the only way to get something or get somewhere. If you’re in a foreign country, their currency may even be the only kind accepted. Using a special money belt is a real safe way to keep cash on you at all times.
  3. Add some romance.
    Be sure to pack: massage oil, candles, an MP3 player loaded with romantic music (you may even want to surprise her by including the special songs from your wedding in the order they were played), love making games, bubble bath, lingerie (pick at least three different outfits), silk boxers/briefs and any other items that may come in handy.
  4. Have the right CONVERTERS.
    Each country has a different type of electrical outlet, so make sure you get the right CONVERTERS. If you don’t have a converter to adjust the level of electrical current before plugging in your shaver, hair dryer, camera charger… they will get damaged. DON’T just get a cheap adapter to change the prong shape at the end of the plug – that will NOT work.
  5. Get a currency exchange calculator.
    You’ll want to know how much something is in US dollars if you travel internationally, so buy one of these calculators to easily convert prices.
  6. Have a carry on.
    If you lose you luggage, you’ll want to be prepared with all the essentials (including a change of clothes).
  7. Have contact information & confirmation numbers.
    Make sure the pertinent information for your airline, hotel and car rental is accessible while traveling. In case of an emergency, bring your destination’s local US Embassy contact information.


  1. Surprise her.
    Reserve some special items like chocolate covered strawberries, Champagne, a dozen red roses, red rose petals on the bed (hotel can do this for you)… as well as scheduling a relaxing activity for her to do within the first few hours of your arrival (spa treatment, special dinner…). Find out what your options are.
  2. Get the best deals.
    You may want to consider using a travel agent. They usually have some great all-inclusive deals for honeymoons.
  3. Do not skimp on the room.
    Since making love is tops on the list, create an environment where she will feel very comfortable. The nicer, safer and more romantic it feels, the better. Before you unpack, make sure you’re both happy with the room. If not, don’t hesitate to ask for a different one.
  4. Be detailed with what you want.
    If you want a king bed, a room overlooking the ocean or a seat with a view… make sure you request them. If there are any specific items you want, things you want to do or a type of service you expect, also be sure to verify that they’re actually going to happen.
  5. Gather Information.
    You’ll want to know as much as you can about where you are going. Look at pictures, maps, event calendars, activity lists, seasonal weather, types of transportation, restaurants… these can typically be found on your destination’s tourism website. You many even want to purchase a guide book for the area and utilize Trip Advisor for planning assistance.
  6. Don’t over-plan.
    Some of the best moments on vacation just happen, so don’t schedule too many activities. Just relax and enjoy the moment.
  7. Stay within a budget.
    Try to think about all the things you will be spending money on: plane tickets, hotel, car rental, food and drinks, souvenirs, gifts, activities… Take advantage of all the things that are “included” like special honeymoon deals/upgrades/package options/freebees (especially on hotel rates and amenities), coupons, frequent flier miles, membership discounts/resources (Costco, AAA…), a travel agent’s resources, family/friends timeshare programs or vacation homes… Just keep saying to everyone “we’re on our honeymoon”, and watch the deals flow your way.
  8. Confirm all reservations.
    Things may change with the airline, hotel… so be sure to verify that everything is still in order. On the day you plan to leave, verify your flight time (if applicable), and be sure to arrive about two hours before you flight (especially if you’re traveling outside the country).