Groomsmen Gifts

My Guys

Choosing My Guys

  1. The best man.
    This should be your best guy friend… period. He will be asked to do a lot, so you’ll want him to have a natural desire to handle this role.
  2. Make things even.
    Have the same number of groomsmen as your bride has bridesmaids. This way you have a nice balance on both sides of the aisle.
  3. The rest of the groomsmen.
    Only pick groomsmen that you are really close to. Don’t feel obligated to put someone in your wedding just because you were in theirs. You don’t want to trade a little momentary awkwardness for future regret.
  4. The ushers.
    If you have too many friends to choose from as groomsmen but you still want to include them in the wedding, then make them ushers. This role may not be as significant as being a groomsman, but ushers are still a key part of the wedding party.