Groomsmen Gifts

Wedding Day

“This day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love.”


Remember to plan at least one last date as an unmarried couple. Go all out!

Bring these items:

  • A list of family, wedding party and vendor phone numbers for the best man
  • All wedding attire (make a list so you don’t forget something)
  • A red rose (for your bride)
  • A wedding card (for your bride)
  • A written copy of your vows (if applicable)
  • Bride’s engagement ring and wedding band (may also have your ring)
  • Emergency Items (your best man should pack these for you)
  • Entertainment for your groomsmen while you wait for the ceremony to start
  • Envelopes with final vendor payments (if applicable)
  • Gum/breath mints
  • Hotel reservation information (if applicable)
  • Lint roller
  • Luggage
  • Marriage license
  • Money/travelers checks (if applicable)
  • Plane/travel tickets (if applicable)
  • Spare shirt for the reception (in case you get sweaty during the ceremony)
  • Wedding Night Items

Pre Ceremony

  1. Be ready for pictures.
    Arrive 4 hours before the ceremony to get dressed (if you're planning to come dressed, then getting there at least 3 hours before the ceremony should be fine). The timing for pictures will depend on whether you are going to see your bride before or after she walks down the aisle. If you wait, then there will be some additional pictures right after the ceremony.

  1. Have transportation plans for after the wedding.
    If you are not driving yourselves to and from your wedding, then drop your car off where you’ll be spending your first night (if local), and plan to have your best man pick you up there and bring you to the ceremony.
  2. Prepare and present the gifts to your bride.
    Write in the wedding card, and have your best man deliver it to your bride, along with the red rose, about an hour or two before she walks down the aisle.
  3. Don’t leave anything behind.
    Make sure your best man knows to get all your things in your car or rented vehicle after the wedding (this will need to be done after the ceremony and again after the reception if they are in two separate locations).
  4. Always have a back-up plan.
    If you wrote your own vows, make sure your Officiant has a copy of them (and your bride’s) to bring to the wedding.
  5. Utilize the groomsmen more.
    Designate at least one groomsman as the point person for vendor questions.


  1. Have a fun/unique entrance.
    This is not common, but it’s your day so it should represent who you are.
  2. Hold her hand at the alter.
    This is a great way to be close and show your love.
  3. Look her in the eyes as often as possible.
    This will add so much power and meaning to the moment.
  4. Don’t lock your knees.
    Falling is not something you want to do.
  5. Really enunciate when you speak.
    This way all the guests sitting behind you (especially the older ones) can hear what you’re saying.
  6. Have a tissue or handkerchief ready. 
    When you're at the alter and your bride begins to tear up... you'll want to be prepared.
  7. Put the ring on her left hand (the actual finger next to her pinky).
    Don’t second guess yourself if you see/feel the engagement ring on her other hand. The wedding ring is meant to go on first (closest to the heart). Your bride will put the engagement ring on the appropriate finger later when no one is looking. You don’t want to get this wrong… trust me.


  1. Eat right away.
    People will be coming up to you all night, so if you wait too long, you may not get anything.
  2. Visit guests alongside your bride.
    This not only shows that you’re a team, but it’s a great way to meet guests from her side of the family.
  3. Play a slideshow later.
    Wait until after everyone has eaten. This way you’ll have their full attention and they will be able to adjust their chairs in order to view it comfortably.
  4. Always say something.
    If you have not prepared a special thank you speech, at least thank both sets of parents for helping to make the day so special, as well as your guests for taking the time to be there.
  5. Take it all in.
    Pause at least once, and take a visual picture of what you really want to remember.