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Must Discuss Questions

“The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.”
Robert C. Dodds (marriage counselor)
Must Discuss Questions
  1. Know core priorities.
    What do you both want most out of life?
  2. Know who is most influential.
    Who do you both go to first for motivation/inspiration/guidance?
  3. Know the importance of having children.
    Do you both want to have children… and if so, how do you both feel they should be raised?
  4. Know the desired foundation for your new family.
    What family values/traditions do you both want to bring into marriage?
  5. Know the importance of money.
    What do both of you like to spend your money on?
  6. Know the daily responsibilities.
    What kinds of household tasks do you both see yourself doing when you are married?
  7. Know what “fun” is.
    What are both of your expectations for how free time should be spent… including vacations?
  8. Know the value of time.
    What steps will you both take to make sure to spend quality time together?
  9. Know the significance of spirituality.
    What role do you both feel God plays in a marriage?
  10. Know the importance of being intimate.
    What are both of your expectations for the sexual part of your relationship?