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What If She Says “NO” To Your Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal?

Posted: January 28, 2016

 Diamond engagement ring.

Well, we are less than a few weeks away from the biggest marriage proposal day of the year.  And with all the creative marriage proposals now a days, it will be very interesting to see what happens.  To start things off though, here's the proposal from the founder of The Groom's List.  This Valentines' Day marriage proposal was all captured on live TV.  We highly encourage you to check it out. 

So, here we go.  Thousands of guys have their engagement ring in hand and are ready to pop the question. Hopefully they already know, with out a doubt, what her answer will be.  Still, what if she says no.  I mean that would be quite the experience, to say the least.  Well, to help these guys avoid that outcome, we've got a helpful list of Do's and Don'ts.  And in the end if she really wants to marry her guy, it shouldn't matter.  We just want to help make everything that much more memorable (in a good way)!