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Truly Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Posted: March 03, 2016

Almost all the grooms we've talked to can't seem to get enough groomsmen gift ideas.  This comes as more and more guys want their groomsmen gifts to be meaningful and specific to their groomsmen's style and personality, including the addition of a personalized touch.  We already offer a pretty extensive list of groomsmen gift suggestions on our site, but we thought we'd get a little more unique this time.  We know that finding just the right groomsmen gift can be a challenge for any groom.  There are a lot of bad groomsmen gift ideas out there, and some that just work well enough to get the job done.  In light of this, we wanted to challenge ourselves to find some unique groomsmen gift ideas that also would't break the bank.  We hope that these groomsmen gifts won't just be cool and unrealistic, but practical enough gifts that your groomsmen will be very glad to get as a special member or your wedding.

10. Sunrocket Solar Kettle

A Sunrocket Solar Kettle.

For the backpacker groomsmen who wants a gift that will heat, boil and store water using only the power of the sun.

9. Kombo Fish Tool

All in one fishing tool.

For the fisherman groomsmen who would enjoy a gift that's an all-in-one fishing tool.

8. Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet

A stainless steel zippo wallet.

For the rugged groomsmen who would appreciate a gift that offers a cool way to store his credit cards and money.

7. BBQ Dragon

Charcoal lighter that's a flame and not lighter fluid.

For the grill master groomsmen who wants a gift that can light his charcoal grill in less than 10 minutes.

6. The Hot Sauce Cookbook

A book of hot sauce recipes.

For the spicy food lover groomsmen who wold enjoy a gift that helps him create different kinds of hot sauces for his favorite dishes.

5. PocketStrings

A shortened version of the strings part of a guitar that's portable for practice.

For the musician groomsmen that would appreciate a gift that allows him to practice his guitar skills practically anywhere.

4. The Portland Press Mason Jar

A french press made of out a sustainable mason jar.

For the coffee lover groomsmen who would use a gift that also makes him different and environmentally friendly.

3. Stout Bottle Opener

A bottle opener attached to a wall that holds caps using a magnet.

For the beer lover groomsmen that wants a gift that gives him a simple bottle opener that will not only last but hold the cap.

2. The Balcony Grill

A BBQ grill that hangs on a balcony like a flowerpot.

For the groomsmen, without a backyard, that could use a gift that grills while hanging on his balcony like a flowerpot.

1. The Chillsner

A beer bottle chiller that fits inside the bottle as you drink it.

For any groomsmen who wants a gift that can keep his beer ice cold from start to finish.


If you have some other unique groomsmen gift ideas to share, please let us know!