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Groom Secretly Plans Girlfriend’s Dream Wedding Using Her PINTEREST Account

Posted: October 03, 2013

Family and friends of Ryan and Amanda hold sign

We just want to start by saying that the title of this post is not something we recommend, unless that's what your bride wants.  As you might have guessed, however, that's exactly what happened with this groom. Ryan Leak met his girlfriend Amanda Roman in 2008 through Ryan's worship pastor brother at their church discipleship program. Sometime in the future, Ryan overheard his girlfriend Amanda tell a friend that it was her dream to "get engaged and hitched all at once".  Fast forward a few years, and we have a soon-to-be groom who took his desire to support his soon-to-be bride, and planned the entire wedding day she'd always wanted.  Like other grooms, guys are putting WAY more time, effort and energy into the planning of their wedding day. And any guy who is ready for marriage, should also be ready to do way more than what grooms have been told they need to do in the past like: show up sober, keep your guys in line and make sure your tux fits right.  I mean, we are men getting married not boys... right?  Okay, back to the story.  Here's where Pinterest comes in.  It took him a year to plan, making calls in private and even putting special locks on his phone, but 5 years to the day of their meeting, he made it all happen.  Of the over 220 re-pins Amanda had made to a board entitled "My Dream Wedding", he used those as a guide to make her dream wedding a reality.

Thinking she was helping some friends move; Ryan first flew her out to Miami.  He then got down on one knee and proposed.  After a short walk into the lounge of the hotel, family and friends greeted them with a sign that read "today?...", unveiling the big surprise.  With about 100 guests and 1,000 people in the know, it was very surprising to him that she didn't find out.  In the end though, all he knew is that "once she said yes, we would have a great time no matter what".  And that they did!  She said, "The day was even better than how I would have planned it".  It was a romantic surprise that she will never forget.  And for a little icing on the cake (pun intended), they did not ask for any kind of "traditional" wedding gifts.  Instead, their wedding guests were asked to give to a specific charity (A21) , which fights sex trafficking all over the world.  WOw, I'd say that's a job well done making her dream wedding come true.  And like we always say, getting involved in planning the day that celebrates the love you have for your bride and supporting her from start to finish is what being a groom is all about.