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Extreme Marriage Proposals - Groom-To-Be Spends $45,000

Posted: March 20, 2013

  Image of Josh Ogle who spent $45,000 on his marriage proposal.

Guys are going all out with their marriage proposals, these days.  And social media has given grooms-to-be the ability to easily share these proposals across the world.  With that kind of platform, no wonder guys are thinking big.  Please keep in mind that when we say "big", we don't necessary mean with a huge price tag.  The amount you spend on your marriage proposal is totally up to you.  We just encourage the marriage proposal to come from your heart, and truly express your feelings for your bride-to-be.  In this particular case, a groom named Josh Ogle spent $45,000 to do just that.  Most people don't spend that much on their wedding, so how could he spend $45,000 on a marriage proposal?  Well, let's just say it included the engagement ring, renting a vintage car, high-end restaurant, with their very own personal celebrity chef, and then toping things off with a post-marriage proposal celebration trip to Europe.  Wow!  Who's next. wink

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