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Are You Really Ready To Purchase An Engagement Ring?

Posted: October 01, 2015

White gold engagement ring on purple sand next to green flowers.

You’ve done it, you’ve made your decision…she's the one!  It’s now time for a very important purchase.  We know you want to express your love and commitment in a special way, so take your time.  Really make sure you have the right engagement ring that fits her personality and style.  Whether you're the type of guy who feels right at home purchasing jewelry for a woman or one who tends to panic the second she walks into a jewelry store, remember that buying the ideal engagement ring will probably be a heart pounding task.

You’re thrown into a world wind of Yellow Gold, White Gold, Platinum, single stones, multiple stones, this setting , that setting…it’s enough to drive any man mad. Not to mention having to match your budget with her taste. If you have an idea of what kind of engagement ring you’re looking for, then cheers to you. If you are in the dark remember this, make sure the size of the engagement ring is NOT TOO SMALL and that it complements the size of her hand.  For help with these tips along with a few others, check out our section on engagement rings.

You can always get a little help with your engagement ring search, but don't let anyone make the decision for you or talk you into an engagement ring you’ll regret purchasing.  The engagement ring is for your bride from you, plain and simple.  As you may have guessed, there are all kinds of places to make your engagement ring purchase.  If you want things quick and easy, then you may want to check out places that have a large number of engagement ring combinations that are all ready to go.  Still, if you find yourself liking this setting on one ring, the stone on another, etc.  Chances are designing a custom engagement ring may be right up your alley. As a matter of fact, customizing an engagement ring can even save you some cash!  Many designer rings can get really expensive as well as less personal, so designing your own engagement ring could be the best solution all the way around!  In the end whichever ring you choose, make sure to keep her taste and personality in mind.  And when you do make your choice, make it from the heart.  It's hard to go wrong that way.   Combine this with a confidently romantic proposal, and you'll be well on your way to seeing your bride-to-be smile from ear to ear!


Guest Post Provided By: Leah Chamberlin

Leah made the transition into the writing world from the fashion industry without much hesitation. Not only does she has a keen eye for matching colors on fabrics,  she is great at using colorful words to articulate the meaning of fashion into content.