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5 Top Holiday Marriage Proposal Ideas

Posted: September 29, 2016

Marry me written in the sand with heart around it.

Alright guys, it's approaching that time of year when most grooms-to-be get down on one knee and offer their gal a marriage proposal.  With that in mind, we want to offer our top 5 ideas to make her "yes" even more exciting.  Let's face it... she's probably expecting a marriage proposal, so doing your best to make it personal and memorable is a must!

5. Create a unique ornament with the engagement ring as part of the design (keeping the ring hidden... of course).  After the proposal, you can use the ornament each year as a reminder of that special moment.
4. Have the engagement ring delivered, as a Christmas gift, directly to her house (from Santa).  When she opens all her gifts from you on Christmas, she won't suspect that Santa's the one looking to propose.  Make sure to get the engagement ring insured first... just in case.   
3. Engagement "ring" in the new year by doing the 15 things you like to do most with her.  Have the last spot be where you propose and watch the countdown to 2015.    
2. Buy a bunch of Christmas Lights, and set them up to read "Will You Marry Me?" in local park or private field (make sure it's big enough to read from up in the air).  Then, rent a helicopter and take her for an evening "Christmas Light Flight".  Once you've taken a little time to look at some great light displays, take her over your special Christmas Light creation.  
1. At your jeweler of choice, pick out 3 engagement ring "band" options and 3 diamond options (make sure all 3 diamonds work with all 3 engagement ring bands).  The night you're going to propose make reservations at one of her favorite restaurants, and have a limo pick you both up as soon as you arrive at the restaurant.  Right before you get in the limo, get down on one knee and propose.  Then, explain that she is off on an engagement ring adventure.  Once she picks out the engagement ring band and diamond, head back to the restaurant for a celebration dinner.   
For more helpful information, please visit our marriage proposal page.  Now, get to work gentlemen!