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5 Practical Yet Memorable Marriage Proposal Ideas

Posted: August 20, 2015

Guy proposing marriage on bended knee, with surprised reaction from girlfriend.

Watching guys get more and more creative with a marriage proposal, makes it obvious how intimidating the bar has become.  Gentlemen, we feel for ya.  Now, if you DO want to give her an over the top marriage proposal, we offer a series of videos that will provide some great marriage proposal ideas.  On the other hand, if you still want your marriage proposal to be memorable but a little more on the practical side, then we have a list of marriage proposal ideas that are sure to get the juices flowing.  When thinking about the ideal marriage proposal for your girl, there's a lot to consider.  First and foremost, you want to be sure that it's done in a way she would want you to propose (keep in mind that this may not necessarily be your idea of a great marriage proposal).  Think about a special location that has a lot of meaning to your relationship: where you had your first kiss or the first time you said "I love you".  How about the place where you knew she was the one or a vacation spot where you both really enjoy spending time together?  Once you take that part into consideration, then it's all about the details.  You can hire a proposal planner to help get everything out and put together, or you can venture out on your own.  Just remember, the best marriage proposals usually require a lot more thought than money.  Here are some practical yet memorable marriage proposal ideas to help get you going.   

5. The Park Picnic Marriage Proposal.  Have a friend set up a blanket, picnic basket filled with some of her favorite snacks and a bottle of her favorite beverage.  Act surprised to see this all set up, but suggest you go and get a closer look.  Once she's knows you planned it be sure to toast to your life together, but keep her guessing about what you're up to by delaying the proposal till dinner (make reservations at her favorite restaurant).

4. The Helicopter Marriage Proposal. Find a place near by where you can rent a helicopter.  It's amazing how far you can go in 20 min, so make plans to take a nice little trip.  Have some nice dress close waiting inside a limo when you get back.  Then it's off to a romantic dinner and your proposal.

3.  The Scavenger Hunt Marriage Proposal. Select a handful of items that will be a series of clues to what will ultimately happen at the end, a marriage proposal.  Don't give too much away, you'll want to keep her guessing up until the end.  Be sure to make the last one really stand out, and then pop the question.

2.  The Serenade Marriage Proposal.  Take her out to dinner, like you would any other time, but make sure to pick a table outside.  Hire a musician to come by later in the evening and play a romantic song near where you're sitting.  As the musician gets closer, have the musician change the last verse to the words you provided as you bring out the engagement ring and propose.

1.   The Scrapbook Marriage Proposal.  Gather all the pictures you have as a couple, and make printed copies of the best ones.  Head to the store, and be sure to get a scrapbook that you can also add pages to with future photos of your life together.  Make a collage of pictures on each page, but leave room for a fun caption that you hand write.  End with a picture of the engagement ring, and then show her the real thing.  

If you have more marriage proposal ideas, please share!