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3 Easy Ways A Groom Can Be Romantic On Wedding Day

Posted: May 05, 2016

Women LOVE romance.  It captures their heart to see it happen in movies, and it does even more when it's happening to them personally.  This is especially true on a bride's wedding day.  Grooms, your wedding offers a perfect opportunity to get some major romance points going into marriage.  Here are three easy ways to do it!


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  1. Writing your own vows.  Expressing, in your own words, how you feel about the women you love in front of all your close family and friends speaks volumes to her heart.
  2. Her wedding gift.   You're spending a lot of money on your wedding, so why not go the more meaningful road for your gift.  Buy her a card and a single red rose.  Share some personal feelings about how important this day is, and how important she is to you (maybe even as a poem).  Then have your best man deliver it as she's getting ready for the ceremony.
  3. Toast to your bride.  The best man and father of the bride typically offer a toast at the reception.  You should too!  All the attention is on you and your bride, so why not make a special toast to her and show how much you love her.