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10 Little Ways to Love Her AFTER Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 18, 2016

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Now any guy can walk into a store on Valentine’s Day and buy a premade bouquet of roses, the box of chocolates on display and pick out a “My Valentine” card.  Don’t get us wrong… those are just fine and easy, but it’s showing your wife how much you love her, on a daily basis, that’s hard but matters the most.  Keep in mind that marriage is a lifelong commitment not a series of momentary feelings, so when you are ready to pick out an engagement ring and breakout your marriage proposal, make sure you’re really ready to be a loving husband the other 364 days of the year.  As we already mentioned, this is not an easy task... so, to make it a little easier on you we’ve got 10 little ways that will help her “feel the love” all year long.

1. Text “I love you” on a random day of the week.
2. Make her lunch every once in a while for no reason.
3. When she’s having a stressful week, take on her weekly household duties.
4. Stop by her work, and take her out to a nice lunch.
5. Get a chick flick and her favorite dessert on movie night.
6. Let her sleep in, so you can make her breakfast in bed.
7. Leave work early, and cook a romantic candlelit meal for two.
8. Mail her a romantic card to your house, just because.
9. Have flowers delivered to her work on a day she would least expect.
10. In a few months, get her what bought on Valentine’s Day, and then next Valentine’s day GO BIG.