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“True love is a joyful willingness to sacrifice the desires of your heart, so that the desires of another can be fulfilled.”
Jeff Trinci (entrepreneur)

Filled with an overwhelming passion to see couples succeed in marriage Jeff Trinci, a 12 year wedding industry professional & Certified Marriage Coach, founded the most “to the point” online resource for grooms: The Groom’s List.  By offering helpful wedding content using bullet points, videos and a step-by-step interactive checklist, guys finally have an easy way to get the information they need to truly feel prepared for their role in the wedding.  Since his company’s official launch in 2011, The Groom’s List has been featured in various publications across the nation including Marie Claire Magazine and the Los Angeles Times.  Trinci has also been recognized as the go to advisor for grooms on ABC, Fox and CBS.  The wedding industry has even award him a Best of 2011 bridal award, branding him as the authority for helping grooms, best men, groomsmen, fathers of the bride and fathers of the groom navigate the wedding process from proposal to honeymoon and beyond.  

"For guys, a wedding should be about celebrating a man’s love for a woman.  It's their opportunity to share a personal expression of love, as well as honor their relationship by playing an active role in preparing for one of the most meaningful moments in life. ” -Jeff Trinci (Founder of The Groom’s List)



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  • American Cancer Society - Raising Money for Men's Cancer Research (Live TV Video)