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Essential Info

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Nikki Giovanni (poet)
Essential Info
  1. Make sure the venue has enough space for:
    • All invited guests
    • Bar area
    • Buffet tables (if applicable)
    • Cake table
    • Gift table (you may want a special box for cards)
    • DJ/Band
    • Dance floor (getting one that’s too big makes it feels like no one is dancing, and getting one that’s too small doesn’t leave enough room for everyone to dance)
  2. Find out your menu options.
    Ask if the location has an exclusive caterer. If they do, ask about making menu suggestions. Make sure you like what you’ll be serving.
  3. Know what and who is included.
    Ask what equipment and personnel come with the venue. This way you know if there’s any additional equipment that needs to be rented or people that need to be hired. Evaluate each venue’s total cost, giving consideration to everything mentioned above.
  4. Ask about on-site coordination.
    If the location offers someone in this position, ask how involved that person will be on the day of your wedding. You’ll want to be sure everything gets done as planned.
  5. Consider your BYOA options.
    Ask if you can bring alcohol, and what the corking fee would be per bottle of wine. If there are certain brands you or your families like or just want to save money, this is one way to do it.
  6. Factor in the tip.
    Know all the areas where gratuity will be added to the final bill. You’ll want to factor this into the cost, so you’re not surprised on your wedding day.
  7. Review their vendor list.
    Get their list of recommend vendors, but don’t just blindly go with them. You never know what kind of arrangement they’ve already established with the venue to get that recommendation. Always meet each vendor for yourself before making any final decisions.
  8. Evaluate the details.
    Read all the fine print on contracts, and ask a lot of questions. You want to know exactly what you’re getting for your money.


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