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“When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no I'll start tomorrow.”
V.L. Allineare (author)
Eat Better

Eat Better

  1. Make good habits.
    What, when and how much you consume can have a big impact on your weight and overall health. To help yourself, always eat your food from a dish/bowl and don’t go back for more.
  2. Pick the right things.
    Have plenty of protein and simple carbohydrates during the day (avoid carbs at night).
  3. Determine the right amount.
    Eat smaller portions at each meal. Never stuff yourself.
  4. Choose wisely.
    Substitute green vegetables for potatoes.
  5. Know what to reduce.
    Limit your consumption of red meat.
  6. Be certain you’re getting enough.
    Look for foods high in Vitamin C like bell peppers.
  7. Don’t poison yourself.
    Remember not to eat food that has been heated in a microwave using a plastic container or covered with plastic wrap. Also, do not drink water that has been frozen in a plastic bottle.
  8. Make the time for breakfast.
    Do not skip having a healthy breakfast. Some good choices are: oatmeal, eggs, fruit, low-fat yogurt and whole wheat toast/bagel.
  9. Eat the right fish.
    Choose from any of the following fish twice a week: Wild Alaskan Salmon (especially Sockeye), Cod, Flounder or Mahi Mahi. Taking two fish oil capsules per day can also help.
  10. Eat the right fruits and vegetables.
    Some to consider every day: Beets, Dates, Raisins, Soybeans, Spinach, Other Leafy Greens, Tomato Sauce and Olive Oil.
  11. Eat the right fiber.
    What to consider every day: Oatmeal (add fruit, apple sauce, honey, cinnamon… no sugar), 100% Wheat or Whole Grain Wheat, Artichokes, Blueberries, Grapefruit, Lima Beans and Soybeans.
  12. Eat the right nuts.
    Some to consider every day: Almonds, Hazelnuts and Walnuts.

Drink Better

  1. Have enough of the right stuff.
    Drink various fluids every day: 1 glass of milk or orange juice (with vitamin D), 8 glasses of water, 2 cups of green/white tea, 1 glass of red wine (if 21 or over) and 1 glass of pomegranate juice.
  2. Don’t have too much at once.
    Drinking two alcoholic drinks in a row should be avoided.
  3. Drink what you need when you really need it.
    After a workout it’s great to flush out your body with water and replenish it with chocolate milk.

Boost Metabolism

  1. Have water first.
    Drink at least one glass of water in the morning before eating.
  2. Don’t take too long to eat.
    Eat breakfast within one hour of waking up.
  3. Eat frequently.
    Have a healthy protein snack every 2-3 hours between meals. Don’t let yourself get hungry.
  4. Add some spice to your food.
    The more the better, but even something as mild as pepper can help make a difference.
  5. Stay active.
    This is especially true if you sit at a desk all day. Always look for ways to move around as you work. Even a little walk during a lunch break helps.

Exercise Regularly

  1. Create a realistic plan.
    Set a goal, and review it once a week. Make sure it’s also as enjoyable as possible.
  2. Always stretch before and after.
    This can help prevent muscle strain and tearing. Even doing some light stretching each day can help maintain your body’s flexibility.
  3. Improve your balance.
    Incorporating some yoga into your exercise plan can really improve your balance, which will really come in handy as you age.
  4. Focus on the center.
    Always work your core muscles (use less weight, and tighten your abs with each repetition).
  5. Mix it up.
    Constantly look to vary your exercises for all workout routines.
  6. Try to include the basics.
    Sit-ups, push-ups (wide and narrow), chin-ups (knuckles facing you – bringing your head both in front and behind the bar), pull-ups (palms facing you), dips, squats and lunges.
  7. Maintain a good pace.
    Keep your heart rate up for at least 40 minutes four times a week (walking does not count).
  8. Go slow at the right time.
    When lifting weights, be sure to increase muscle resistance by going slow as you bring the weight back to the starting position of your exercise.
  9. Add a burst of energy.
    Try activities that allow for quick spurts of energy to be exerted with little time to rest in between. This approach should help increase your fat burn.


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