Groomsmen Gifts


“Live For Today... Plan For Tomorrow... Party Tonight!!!”
  1. Get his guest list.
    Ask the groom for a list of people he wants to invite (family is appropriate) along with their email and phone number (stick to the list).
  2. Request his Do Not Do List.
    Be sure the activities you plan are in line with what the groom wants. Every guy has a different idea of what makes an ideal bachelor party.
  3. Consider all guests.
    Have at least one event that is appropriate for the younger and older guests on his list.
  4. Put a budget together.
    Talk with the groomsmen about who will be paying for what.
  5. Constantly communicate.
    Keep all guests in the loop as you plan. Use email, Facebook Group, Yahoo Groups
  6. Plan ahead.
    Book everything in advance, and be sure to ask for special group discounts.
  7. Pick a good date.
    If schedules allow, have the bachelor party the weekend before the wedding. This is an ideal way to build momentum toward the groom’s big day. If this isn’t possible, then have it anywhere from three months to the day before the rehearsal dinner.
  8. Address the transportation beforehand.
    Make sure you have enough sober drivers, or plan to have transportation provided (limo(s), taxi(s), van(s)…).
  9. Send out the plan of events.
    Email everyone an itinerary, and remind them to bring cash.
  10. Don’t leave anyone out.
    If you’re planning a multi-day event that’s out-of-town, keep in mind that not everyone will be able to make it. Because of this, you should have part of the bachelor party in town.
  11. Incorporate some additional bonding time.
    For a destination bachelor party, the groom will appreciate having an additional night to just hang with you and talk about all the fun experience that just happened, as well as the big event ahead.
  12. Example Itinerary.
    • Start with an outdoor event (around 1:00p)
    • Go to a sports bar for drinks (around 6:00p)
    • Have dinner at a nice restaurant (around 8:00p)
    • End with an indoor event that stays within the groom’s wishes (around 9:30p)