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“Marriage... is a process of learning the dance rather than finding the right dancer.”
Paul Pearsall (author)

We all have what this book – The 5 Love Languages – calls a “Love Tank”, and it gets filled when our spouse speaks one or a combination of OUR love languages. Figuring out which of the 5 Love Languages is your primary love language can be an important key to building long lasting love and intimacy in your marriage. Since we all tend to give love the way we like to receive it, we may feel that it’s obvious when we’re showing love to our spouse, but often it’s not. This short book offers valuable tips, suggestions, examples, detailed insight into each language and a quiz to help identify your primary love language.

  • Good Indicator of your love language: What does your wife do/say or fail to do/say that hurts you the most?
  • Good Indicator of her love language: What does she continually request of you, complain about most or do/say often to express her love?

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