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Name Change

“Over time things change and things disappear, but love and devotion remain.”
Name Change

Only when you receive your official marriage certificate in the mail can you begin the name changing process. Your officiant should send in all the official paperwork a few days after your wedding, which will prompt most states to send you the official marriage certificate. It should get to you about a month after your wedding day (check your state’s marriage license requirements).

Please Note:

  • You can pay for help
  • Any automatic withdrawal payments may require either a copy of the marriage certificate, new driver license or SS card to verify your new name
  • If you’re planning to be under one spouse’s benefits plan, depending on the company, you may only be able to do this within your first month of marriage
  1. Don’t change her name until after the honeymoon.
    By waiting, you should avoid any identification issues that may come up. This is especially true if you are going out of the country.
  2. Start with your local Social Security Office.
    Your Social Security Card is the key piece of identification that will be needed to change your name everywhere else.
    • Go into your local Social Security Office with your official marriage certificate, and have them fill out the necessary paperwork with you.
    • Fill out the Social Security’s Form SS-5. Follow the instructions, and mail in this form (along with any other required information) to your local office.
      You should be sent a new SS card in a few weeks. Your local Social Security office will also notify the IRS of your new name, so you can just write your new name on all W2s before filing your taxes.
  3. Head to the DMV.
    Here you can exchange your old driver’s license for a new one. Be sure to bring your birth certificate, along with your two “new” pieces of ID (official marriage license and SS Card).
  4. Get a joint bank account.
    Any checks made out to both of you, with your new last name, can ONLY legally be cashed when you’re either at the bank together or when one of you deposits it into a joint bank account. In order to create this account, you will both need to be at the bank with your official marriage license.
  5. Change your name on everything.
    Review the items below to see what applies to you:
    • Banks (if you’re keeping an existing account)
    • Credit Cards
    • Work
    • Investments
    • Loans
    • Car Insurance:
      Have your vehicle’s make, year, VIN #, accident history over the past three years (know date of any accident, whose fault, injuries, cost of damages…) and your driver’s license #. Be sure to get full coverage on both of your vehicles, and a million dollar Umbrella Policy if you don’t already have one.
    • Health and Dental Insurance:
      If one of you is planning to join the other’s health benefits policy, depending on the company, this may need to be done within a month of your marriage date.
    • Doctors
    • Life Insurance:
      There are several different kinds, so pick the one that’s right for your family (especially once you have a child).
    • Car Title and Registration
    • Utilities
    • Passport:
      Wait until after the honeymoon to change your passport, if you’re planning to go out of the country. Once the paperwork is submitted, you can always check the status of your passport. If you change your name within the first year of marriage it should be free (thrid party assistance at: MissNowMrs).
    • Memberships
    • Subscriptions