Groomsmen Gifts

What Is It

“Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.”
Richard Bach (author)
What Is It
  1. Definition.
    A honeymoon registry allows wedding guests to purchase honeymoon activities like a sunset cruise, private dinner on the beach or surfing lessons instead of a toaster, kitchen appliances or dishes.
  2. Setting it up.
    This is similar to a traditional wedding registry. All you need to do is go to a honeymoon registry website, pick what you want and it instantly becomes a gift option.
  3. Your options.
    Typical honeymoon registries offer: airfare, transportation, lodging, activities, special amenities and meals. Expensive items are usually broken down into multiple gifts, so guests can choose to pay for only a portion of the item (ex: a list of 10 gifts for $100 each toward your $1,000 airfare). Some also allow you to personalize your honeymoon registry with a message to your guests, and add descriptions to the different parts of your honeymoon (uploading pictures may be available).

Please Note: even if your guests pay for certain parts of the honeymoon, you’re still free to use the money any way you like. There are a ton of sites that provide this service.