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Yes, Grooms Have A Wedding Checklist Too

Posted: November 05, 2015

   A blank checklist.

Let’s say I’m a guy who just got down on one knee to propose marriage to my girl.  Let’s also assume that I put a lot of time, effort and energy into picking just the right diamond engagement ring, then sweated some bullets about asking permission from her father and finally planned out the perfect way to propose.  In the past most guys would say, “okay, I’m done”… right?  I mean she’s got a fantastic rock on her finger AND a memorable marriage proposal to share with all her friends and family.  Well, that “hands off the wedding” stereotype is not as common anymore.  Without taking anything away from a guy to lives out a marriage proposal scenario, like the one I just described above, it’s important to know that a proposal is only the first of three items on a guy’s wedding “to do” list. 

Although there will always be a good amount of guys who still feel that wedding planning is for women, more and more grooms-to-be are now encouraged AND happy to help their bride-to-be with the wedding planning.  Ask most anyone who’s been married, and they’ll tell you that planning a wedding is a lot of work.  The details can become overwhelming for a bride to handle (even with her mom’s help).  There’s just a lot to accomplish as well as keep track of, so we understand that the last thing a groom-to-be wants to do is add to his bride-to-be’s stress level by overstepping his boundaries or doing something really stupid to ruin any part of her “dream day”. 

Okay, on to the point.  Yes, there are going to be WAY more things that a woman is going to handle during the wedding planning, but there is still some low hanging fruit that is perfect (and safe) for guys to manage.  These are aspects of the wedding that, although still important, are typically not as much fun for most brides.  This is why ladies are so appreciative when guys take them on.   As I see the wedding planning process, women are the CEO and guys are a project manager.   Now, it’s just a matter sharing what these “guy centric” projects actually are, and how a groom-to-be can accomplish them. 

This is where those last two checklist items come into play.  Drum-roll please… #2 Complete The Groom’s Checklist, and #3 Say “I Do”.  Seems easy enough… right?  Well, it is.  This process has been simplified for grooms by creating a step-by-step wedding checklist.  Not only that, but it’s the first wedding checklist, for grooms, that’s also interactive.  On, a groom is able to physically check off a box, when a wedding task is complete, as well as track his overall progress toward finishing all the wedding checklist items on the list.  Each of the wedding checklist items have also been linked to the individual wedding resources necessary to complete them.  Now, it doesn’t get much easier than that. (Okay ladies, don’t freak out.  This wedding checklist is truly meant to be a “bride support” tool that complements your complete wedding checklist, NOT a green light for the groom to take over). 

I think we can all agree that the significance of this day should be just as high for a groom as it is for the bride.  Both have just as big of a commitment in front of them, which includes a lifetime of decisions that need to be made as a team, so why should planning the celebration of this commitment be any less shared?   This is why all the grooms out there who want to support their bride, by helping them with the wedding planning, can rest easy with this fun, easy to follow and bride approved wedding checklist.  Plus, starting this whole “working together as a team” thing now will help you both live happily ever after (at least it’s more likely).