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What Guys Should Be Looking For In the Groom’s Room

Posted: November 10, 2016

Bouquet of tiny jack Daniels liquor bottles. Image Source

Although brides still remain the focus on wedding day, more and more wedding venues are really starting to pay attention to the groom.  They now know that just putting the groom and his groomsmen “just anywhere” before the start of the ceremony is not going to cut it anymore.  Why is this?  Well, wedding venues are starting to realize that guys are just as much a part of the decision of where to get married as the bride.  And because of this, they are appealing to guys, in part, with killer groom rooms.  Think 65’’ flat screen HD TV with surround sound, kegerator filled with a favorite beer, all kinds of snacks (be sure to put in your order), cigar bar, pool and ping pong tables, dart boards and pinball machines, Xbox and PlayStation systems and even a bouquet of those tiny liquor bottles to greet you.  All this, and plenty of comfy places to sit back and relax before the wedding begins.  Okay, this probably won’t all come in one place, but some combination of these should be there.  Oh, and if you’re getting married at a golf course, don’t be shy about asking for a few free rounds too!  Wedding venues are always looking to set themselves apart from the other options you may be considering, and this is a great one for guys!

Groom room with bar, projector screen and pool tables. Image Source