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Wedding Gift To Your Bride – Take Her Breath Away

Posted: September 01, 2016

My Dreamlines sketch of groom suit and wedding dress.

The groom gift to his bride is perhaps the most romantic part of a wedding. Many husbands take this tradition as an opportunity to give something meaningful and sentimental which she can cherish for life. But while the wedding itself is an occasion when the bride is showered with gifts, what can the poor groom choose to gift her which can get a special place in her heart? Here are some steps to take.

The Importance of Gifting Your Bride

There can be many reasons for which a groom should gift his bride on the wedding day. The wedding is such an auspicious occasion, perfect to start a thoughtful and wonderful tradition of exchanging gifts for years of anniversaries, and it’s a man’s way to thank their bride for coming in their life and for making such fabulous arrangements for celebrating the moment. The gift chosen should have her personality and nature in mind so as to touch her heart and become the ultimate expression of your love for years to come. This gift is a token of the blissful romance of starting your life together.

How to Choose the Gift?

While choosing your gift, you can consider many factors, some of the major ones being:

Bride’s Personality: The first and foremost thing you should consider is the personality and lifestyle of your bride. The gift should ideally reflect her passions and interests. This reveals your thoughtfulness towards her that will help strengthen your relationship for as long as you are married.

Romance: A wedding is one of the symbols of romance in the couple’s relationship and a gift should ideally reflect this romance. So, the gift should show your love towards your bride.

Take Her Breath Away:  Give her a gift that shows her how much effort you are willing to put into her.  A gift that takes her breath away means that you truly put her heart first.

Here are just a few very romantic ideas:

Wedding Dress Sketch: This is an intimate, romantic and special idea! My Dreamlines makes fantastic sketches of the bride's gown. This can be an ideal gift for your bide because it’s  made for her, which is perfect as she has been dreaming of her wedding dress since she was a little girl.

Love Letter: If you have a heart for writing, you can express your feelings towards her, what she is for you, what you think about her entry in your life and so on, and gift the intensely romantic letter to her.

Handkerchief: A beautifully embroidered, personalized monogrammed handkerchief can be a thoughtful and at the same time romantic gift.

While traditionally the gift is given to the bride through a messenger on the day of wedding, you can give your gift after you have said I do, especially if you wish to see the love in her eyes.

When it is about expressing love, there are no rules! After all, everything is fair in love!