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Too Much Gaming Could Be Killing Your Sex Life

Posted: November 19, 2015

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All us guys like our digital toys.  They bring us pleasure, and what's wrong with that... right?  Well, studies have shown that too much digital activity suppress a vital hormone produced by our brain.  This hormone is responsible for many of our behaviors, including love.  It reduces a persons' need for closeness and affection, which can be very damaging in a marriage (especially a new one).  To help, we've put together a list of simple ways that can boost the Oxytocin level in your brain.  We all know that it's virtually impossible to completely eliminate our digital time, but it seems worth it to consciously work to decrease it while at the same time actively increasing our Oxytocin on the other end.   Doing these simple things can really add new life to your marriage... not to mention your sex life!

10. Take some time to be still and have solitude in your day.

9. Give an extra hug.

8. Sing (when others ARE watching).

7. Have a romantic slow dance with your spouse.

6. Take a ride on a roller coaster together.

5. Talk a walk and talk (after dinner or during lunch).

4. Give each other a massage.

3. Take a little extra time petting animals.

2. Hold hands.

1. Give each other a kiss, at happy hour, and say "I Love You".