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Three Trendy Groomsmen Styles of 2013

Posted: April 09, 2013

A groomsmen dressed for the wedding. image by: Smitten Photography

It is certainly true that when it comes to looks and beauty, come wedding day, the bride always takes center stage. This does not mean however, that the groom and his men are not allowed to earn some style points themselves. Below are three styles that have gained huge popularity recently, and will, without doubt, be among the most popular looks of the 2013 wedding season.

#1: Double Breasted Jackets
The double-breasted jacket has re-emerged in the world of men’s fashion. Simply take a look at some of the last red carpet events, and you will notice that it is a piece that has re-embedded itself as a fashion-forward style staple. Celebrities such as fashion designer and actor Tom Ford, big screen star Hugh Jackman, as well as entertainer Justin Timberlake have all been rocking this look, which has earned every single one of them numerous “best dressed” awards.

When choosing a double-breasted suit or tux, you must know that fit is everything. Work with a reputable tailor to create a garment that perfectly compliments your body type. In fact, fit is so important that you will be much better off investing in a tailor than in brand name labels. Because tailoring does take time, make sure to get started with your shopping early. To help you with your search, please visit the local vendor directory on The Groom’s List website for a formalwear company in your area.

#2: Self Tied Bow Ties
Gone are the days of tacky pre-tied bow ties that once accessorized your prom night ensemble. You are a grownup, and every man needs to know how to tie his own bow tie.

While black bow ties are perfect for formal dress codes (think tuxedo), colored and wildly patterned pieces have gained much popularity. A madras check piece or a piece showing playful polka dots are perfect for a summer wedding. They are fun yet formal. Also, because these styles allow for color, they are the perfect way to create groomsmen’s outfits that coordinate with the rest of the wedding party (think bridesmaids dresses).

#3: Plaids & Check Patterns
Already popular last year, 2013 continues to embrace the check pattern. Note however that the check pattern typically has a more casual connotation – making it unsuited for very formal dress codes such as black-tie events. As a general rule, the larger the clothing piece, the more careful you want to be in your choice of plaid. Small accessories such as neckties, bow ties, and pocket squares are perfect for very bold and colorful plaids (such as the madras-check). Want this pattern on your shirt? Then gingham check as well as Tattersall is an excellent choice. Suits are best left solid and pattern-less, but should you still want to rock some plaid, then your best bet are very subtle, monochromatic window-pane checks. For more information different check patterns, please see here.

About the Author:
Hendrik Pohl is the founder of – an online retailer based out of San Francisco that has specialized itself in wedding neckwear and other groomsmen accessories. Pohl’s business has helped more than 50,000 groomsmen in the past year along find the perfect neckties and bow ties. His site has been featured by popular wedding websites such as StyleMePretty,, MarthaStewartWeddings, GreenWeddingShoes, and dozens of others. Besides having a passion for men’s fashion, particularly neckties and bow ties, Pohl enjoys freelance writing, photography, and industrial design.