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Some Grooms Know How To Make An Entrance (Videos)

Posted: April 28, 2016

Traditionally, the entrance of the bride has always been the focus of the wedding ceremony.  Each wedding guest stands and turns to watch her as she walks down the aisle.  Recently however, there have been more and more groom entrances worth watching (some unfortunately turning into humorous disasters).  Below are two of the more entertaining ones we've seen that you may not have.   

We have to say, this is one new wedding tradition we are all for.  Weddings are a day to make your own.  And with more grooms getting involved with the wedding planning, this is just one of the many ways grooms can put their own stamp on the day.  Really, why would a groom want to just casually walk down the aisle unnoticed when he can bring in a little of his own personality.  Now don't get us wrong, the wedding entrance does need to be fully thought through.  It's still a wedding ceremony after all.  If you're going to go this rout, then the goal should be providing some tasteful fun. 

Okay grooms, it's time to get your groom on!