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Our Top Three Valentine’s Day Romance Ideas

Posted: February 09, 2017

Yes, it's approaching February 14th once again, and it's around this time of year that all eyes fall on the guys to see what they will be getting their significant other for Valentine's Day.  Now we know this day can sneak up on you, as well as be a little daunting when it comes to thinking of something to give besides flowers and chocolates.  Don't get us wrong we know women love these, but what they love even more is having their guy put some real thought into something special just for them.  To help, we've compiled our TOP 3 Valentine's Day Ideas.  


3. Pack a romantic lunch.

Pick a spot you know she'll love, visit the grocery store for those items that top her favorite list and then prepare an invitation.  Yes, an invitation.  Depending on the amount of time you have before Valentine's Day, you can either mail it to her (even if she lives with you... it adds to the effect), or simply drop it in the mailbox addressed to her.  


2. Plan a "spoil me" day.

Give her a day all her own.  Take care of pre-arranging all the day's activities, as well as handle the duties around the house while she's out.  We suggest planning and prepaying for her lunch (including one friend), a mani/pedi and or massage, gift cards to her three favorite stores and then reservations for you to meet her for dinner.


1. Book a two night getaway.

You know your spouse, so you know how much of a surprise this can be, but what woman wouldn't love a romantic getaway.  In fact, I recently did this with my wife at the Columbia Cliff Villas Hotel.  It was a wonderful escape. Views of the Columbia River Gorge, soaking tub for two and complimentary wine tasting at 4 award winning wineries. Let's just say, we had great time!   


Just keep in mind... whether you use one of these ideas or not, she will more than likely appreciate whatever you do for Valentine's Day.  We just hope these ideas inspire you to do a little more than the norm.