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HuffPost Live Interview - Grooms Share Wedding Planning Experience (video)

Posted: October 18, 2013

HuffPost Live Interview of Jeff Trinci, creator of The Groom's List.

Keeping in line with what we posted a few weeks back, more and more grooms are taking a very active role in wedding planning.  Couples are beginning to see the wedding day as throwing the best party of their lives, or so they should says Christian in the interview.  He is a recently married groom that thinks guys are really missing out by not actively participating in the preparations of this special day.  A wedding planner from a popular wedding show on TLC “Wedding Island” also shares her experiences with what she calls "Detail Oriented Grooms" who care about their wedding.  It’s an important milestone in the life of a groom too, she says.  On the other side of the coin, she also has to put up with the rude and demanding Groomzillas that, in some cases, could care less about participating in the wedding planning, but on the day of their wedding go off the handle with all kinds of demands and criticisms of things they want to change.  As she puts it, "Well, it's a bit too late now".  This is a great reminder to all guys out there that although you think you may not want to take the time to share your thoughts and ideas during the wedding planning process a lot of money is getting spent regardless, and you may actually care what that money gets spent on when the day arrives.  Heck, if you’re shelling out the dough… why not incorporate some of things you like too!  Trust me; there are many reasons why it’s better to share in the wedding planning duties with your bride-to-be.  If anything, learning to compromise, while on a limited budget, will come in very handy throughout your marriage.  Along for the ride, I was also asked to share my experience as a groom, as well as my thoughts on the subject of grooms taking more of an active interest in wedding planning.  Bottom line, there really is a lot helpful insight packed into this video, so I encourage you to watch for yourself and see how your opinion holds up in this back and forth discussion!