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How To Select The Right Groomsmen Gift For Your Groomsmen

Posted: October 11, 2013

Darth Vader cufflinks.

I know this sounds pretty straight forward, but we keep hearing how much guys have been dissatisfied with the groomsmen gifts they've received.  We know this is not what any groom intendeds, but it continues to happen year after year.  That said, we decided this post needed to be written. Over and over we hear guys saying: "Yeah, I've NEVER used my groomsmen gifts... they're in a drawer somewhere".  What a waste!  Don't get me wrong, I know it's easy to default to the typical groomsmen gifts like a flask, pen or knife... and then have it engraved to give it special meaning.  But we challenge you to go beyond that.  We encourage you to make each groomsmen gift so personal, meaningful and practical that it not only gets used by your groomsmen, but you don't even need to get it engraved for them to remember that gift's special meaning. This may sound like a lot of work, but it really doesn't have to be.  So, "How do I get there" you ask?  Well, we've got some simple steps for you to keep in mind when picking out a groomsmen gift for your groomsmen.

1. Determine your budget.  This is going to be different for each groom.  To be fair, try to keep each groomsmen gift close to the same price.  We are not saying you have to spend at least $100 to get the kind of gift we are going for either, but try to put aside a decent amount of dough here.

2. Make it personal.  If you are picking these guys to be in your wedding, you must know them pretty well.  Think about their interests and personality, and then combine that with the relationship you have with each of them.  Is there a common gift that you can make unique to them be keeping those things in mind?  If he's a Star Wars fan and you like watching those movies together, how about Darth Vader Cufflinks.  If he really into sports and you watch a lot of big games together, maybe get him a ticket (with a great seat) to a see a game with you, and enjoy some one-on-one "guy time".

3. Question engraving.  You really have to ask yourself how much this really ads to the gift.  Would he really use something that had his name on it or my wedding date?  Now we are not saying that engraving is bad, but are simply suggesting that you only do it if the gift is really enhanced by it.  Our feeling is that the thought you put into picking out a specific gift for each individual groomsman will be able to stand on its own without an engraved reminder.

4. Ask yourself "Would I use this".  Before you buy, ask yourself this question.  If there's any hesitation, then it may be a sign to keep looking.

5. Be willing to spend a little more.  If you are debating between gifts and are afraid to spend a little extra to get a gift that really hits a homerun, we suggest spending a little more.  It may be hard in the moment, but in the long run you'll be glad you did.  Being truly excited to give your gifts to your groomsmen make all the difference.