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How Do I Make The “Wedding Night” Special For My Bride?

Posted: April 30, 2015

Wedding Night

Far to often, the wedding night gets overlooked.  You've spent all kinds of time and money planning a great wedding ceremony and reception, and you want to stay as late as possible to get the most out of an evening with family and friends.  We totally get it.  Still, planning something special, just for your bride, is really worth the time and energy.  Deep down, most brides want their groom to make this day (and evening) as magical as possible.  One easy way a groom can do this is with a few romantic touches on the wedding night.  To help, we recommend this three step process...  

1. Prepare by having these Items ready to go

2. Set the mood and start leading the way

3. Take your time selecting the right type of music

Remember to just be yourself.  Focus on creating a special and intimate experience.   No pressure.  :)