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Honeymoons - Traveling Tips You Need To Know

Posted: September 22, 2016

There are a lot of different places you can choose for your honeymoon.  There are also a lot of different types of honeymoons.  If you're still looking and like check out some great ideas, then we encourage you to visit the honeymoon section of our site.  Now, once you've chosen a honeymoon destination, there are some key pieces of information you'll want to know.  We've outlined some of those great tips here:

1. Hotels want your business, so be sure to see what kind of added value items they are willing to offer (spa vouchers, golfing discounts, great meal deals...)

2. There is a huge supply of cruise offerings right now, so really look for the deals... they're out there.

3. Look to plan your honeymoon online with some helpful tools.  Check out: and

4. You may be traveling farther than you ever have to your honeymoon destination.  To make the trip as comfortable and relaxing as possible, it may be wise to pack heating wraps for your neck and lower back.  It’s like getting a massage in your chair. 

5. Key questions you should ask when choosing a hotel:

-What the total price is including tax?

-Is the location near an elevator or vending machine that may make noise throughout the night?

-Where is the hotel’s location in relation to desired destinations?

-Is there a free shuttle service or discounts on local transportation (even to and from the airport)?

-Is breakfast included?

-Is it a smoking/non smoking room?

-Is there a restaurant on site?

-Is there an indoor or outdoor room entry?  Your bride will most likely feel more comfortable with an indoor entry.

-Are there any membership discounts like AAA, and/ or any special packages?

-Are there any parking costs?

-Will there be any resort fees/checkout costs?

-What is the booking/cancelation policy?

-When did you last spray for cockroaches? If you’re heading someplace tropical, where there are a lot of roaches, make sure the hotel didn’t just fumigate your room right before you check in.  Those kinds of bugs tend to be more active right after a spray has been done.  It’s always best to get a room that hasn’t been sprayed for about two weeks prior to your arrival.

For more helpful honeymoon tips, please visit The Groom's List.