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Groom Secretly Videos His Own Wedding With Glasses

Posted: September 12, 2013

View of bride, during the ceremony, from pov of groom hidden camera.

It's always great to see grooms having fun at their wedding.  Remember, there are no rules... except to "have fun".  And grooms are taking full advantage.  Gone are the days when grooms just "showed up" to their wedding.  Guys are really looking for fun ways to make the wedding their own, and nearly all the brides we talk too are VERY happy about it.  Wedding planning can take a lot of time and energy, and with both the bride and groom working full time... sharing the wedding planning load is the best way to go.  In terms of grooms having fun though, they are doing this in all kinds of ways like: having their own cigar and whiskey bar, renting poker tables, designing the wedding monogram, building decor, putting on a dance for their bride and even small details like picking out their own cool ceremony music (think classical string instruments version of the Imperial March from Star Wars)!  Needless to say, a wedding can give guys a great opportunity to get creative, and that's exactly what this groom did.

Michael Kammes loves to geek out with technology (a tech consultant to the entertainment industry, to be exact), and his wedding is no different.  He decided to take a tiny video camera and attached it to his glasses.  He wanted to capture the whole wedding, from his point-of-view, without anyone else knowing (not even his bride).  Take a look, and see what a day in the life of a groom's big day is all about... just remember to turn the camera off before you get the garter!