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Featured Honeymoon Destination - Costa Rica

Posted: April 13, 2017

We don't know any bride or groom who wouldn't want a memorable honeymoon.  The opportunity to be together with the one you love, exploring a unique place for the first time.  We'll, this honeymoon destination in Costa Rica could be just the one for you.  To make it quick and easy for you to evaluate this unique honeymoon destination, we've outlined all the info you need including: the ideal resort, weather info, what the setting and accommodations are like, as well as the food options and top activities.  If this is the honeymoon destination for you, just click the link at the very end of this post to book your package.  Here we go! 

  1. Honeymoon Destination:
    Arenas Del Mar Beach and Nature Resort – (Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica)
  2. Fun Fact:
    There are more than 500,000 species in Costa Rica, 300,000 of which are insects!
  3. Weather:
    Temperature Information
  4. Setting:
    Beachfront resort adjacent to Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific coast
  5. Accommodations:
    38 guest rooms set in seven three story buildings overlooking the Manuel Antonio National Park, Pacific Ocean and surrounding rainforest
  6. Dining:
    Two different restaurants
  7. Main Activities:
  8. Travel Tips:
    • Not all beaches are safe for swimming because of riptides, so be sure to check with someone at the hotel to find out where to go.
    • Don’t swim in areas of the ocean where rivers pour in from a main town. Those rivers are more than likely polluted.
    • You’ll want to have bug spray… especially for mosquitoes. If you don’t bring some, many local stores do sell it.
    • Avoid uncooked foods, milk and any drink with ice.
    • Buy organic. Sprays banned in most countries are used here.
    • Before you go, the Center for Disease Control recommends getting vaccines for hepatitis A and typhoid fever… especially when traveling to remote areas or staying for more than six weeks.


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