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Does The Metal In a Groom’s Wedding Band Really Matter?

Posted: March 22, 2012


There's probably more to selecting a groom's wedding band than most grooms (and brides) may think.  The most common choices are White Gold and Platinum, but we wonder if that would change if more grooms only know they had a lot more to choose from.  To test our theory, we've put together a list of the options all grooms should consider before picking out their wedding band.  There's just so much to consider like...    

1. Is it right for my lifestyle (work and play)?

2. Which one really expresses who I am, and meets my desired comfort?

3. Do I want it to match the metal of my bride's engagement ring and wedding band?

4. How important is it to personalize, customize and/or size the ring?

Well whatever you decided, just make sure you like it enough to wear it every day for the rest of your life.  For that reason alone, it's wise to take a close look at all your options.


I'm not too sure why most men would want white gold or platinum, considering that they scratch pretty easily and need a lot of maintenance for the shine and polish... For me, personally. I love my tungsten wedding band because it works perfectly with my lifestyle. I work with my hands and play a lot of sports. Sometimes I'll leave my tungsten wedding band on just because I know it won't get scratched. A lot of people tried to get me to not buy it because it shatters if it drops, but my resolution is this: then don't take off the ring!!!
By Carter on July 05, 2012

Hi Jeff - Can you tell me where the ring pictured in this blog entry is from? It's great and my style.
By Cosi on September 24, 2012

Sure thing Cosi. It is a very cool ring. The metal is called Mokume Gane. We've got all the info on it here: Have fun picking out your wedding ring.
By Jeff on September 27, 2012

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