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Can I Wear A Hat To My Wedding?

Posted: March 03, 2014

red porkpie hat with black, red and silver band including feather.

More and more grooms are going for a more classic look at their wedding.  They want to stand out, and also have a look that matches their personal style.  With some grooms it’s a few touches here and there, but for others everything about their wedding has to fit this classic theme.  And what goes well with dapper attire you ask, a dapper looking hat of course.  Now we know that some guys are not going to want to mess up their dew, but if you can pull it off… having a cool looking cap could really set you apart.  Guys, just make sure your bride-to-be is on board.  The pictures you have from this day will be looked at by many people for the rest of your life (and beyond), so make sure this look is really what you want.  That said, if you are ready to jump on the hat wagon, then we have a few different styles that you may want to consider.

1. Fedora Hat (Sinatra is most well known for wearing this one)

black fedora hat. Photo by: Blues Brothers Central


2. Trilby Hat (It’s like a Fedora, but only smaller) 

black with white pinstripes trilby hat. Photo by: Amazon


3. Porkpie Hat (It was made popular among jazz musicians)

red porkpie hat with black, silver and red band including feather. Photo by: Az-tex Hats



4. Bowler Hat (Made popular in England, and recently worn by Prince Harry)

black bowler hat with black band. Photo by: New Urban


4. Panama Hat (Ideal for a summer wedding)

panama hat traditional straw. Photo by: She Finds


5. Boater Hat (A little tougher for most guys to pull off)

straw boater hat with blue and red stripped band. Photo by: Style Blazer