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An Easy Guide For Writing Wedding Vows That Are Personal & Meaningful

Posted: September 03, 2015

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Getting married is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.  This is true for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest is holding true to the vows you give to your bride on your wedding day.  As you can tell by the nearly 50% divorce rate we have in the united states, many people don't take their wedding vows as seriously as they should.  This is why we encourage you to take a very close look at what you will actually be "vowing" during the wedding ceremony.  If you like the standard wedding vows that most couples use because they truly express what you want to vow to your bride-to-be, then by all means use them.  They really can be just the right fit.  On the other hand, you might want to consider making your wedding vows a bit more personal to your individual feelings and unique relationship.  Writing your wedding vows like this can also give you a stronger motivation to keep those vows for "as long as you both shall live".  You may be telling yourself "I'd like to write my own wedding vows, but it seems like a lot of work".  Well, this is where The Groom's List comes in.  We provide you with a variety of solid wedding vow starters to choose from.  Each of them allows you to insert your own words into key areas, so that you can make the vows your own.  Writing your own wedding vows really can be a great way to fully understand and express your feelings.  Plus, your bride will LOVE it!