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A Gentleman’s Guide To Engagement Photo Attire

Posted: February 04, 2016

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Most guys will take all the advice they can get, when it comes to choosing their wedding attire.  Although there are probably some gents that feel pretty fearless in this area, a few helpful tips can always go a long way.  Now if you’ve spent any time at all searching the web, you’ll soon discover an overload of advice in the wedding attire department.  Because of this, the last thing we want to do is give you more of what you don’t need.  That’s why this advice is about something attire related, but hardly talked about. 

These helpful attire suggestions are strictly for the engagement photo shoot.  And who better to provide a guide for something like this than the ones taking the pictures.  The long time wedding photographers at Jonathan Ivy Photography didn’t want to see guys stressing about which cloths would be appropriate for these kinds of pictures (not to mention make their bride happy), so they decided to put some great idea combinations on virtual paper… and the Gentleman's Style Guide To Engagement Photos was born.  Since they’ve come out with this, it has become widely popular with grooms-to-be.  They know grooms are taking on more and more of the wedding planning duties these days, so removing the guess work out of what to put on for the engagement photos just made sense.