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7 Ways Grooms Are Having More Fun At Weddings

Posted: September 10, 2015

 Image of groom and groomsmen at the ceremony.

A lot of guys think that weddings are a drag.  They have to get all dressed up, be around and talk to a bunch of family and people they don't know that well (or at all) and also do a little dancing.  Still, when asked, most guys do have a different opinion after the evening is over.  They even say how much fun they had.  Yes, they really do.  So why is it that the idea of a wedding scares guys, but once they actually experience it their opinion changes.  We feel it has to do with what they have to focus on and the pressure associated with it.  This is why we put together a simple list of ways that a bride can help her groom look forward to their wedding day.

7. Plan a fun entrance.  Just check out this groom's unique wedding entrance video, and see for yourself.

6. Let him pick the alcohol.  This is a great way for grooms to share their personality, and have something they really like to look forward to.  If he likes to homebrew, this could even be the wedding favor.

5. Give him the transportation duties.  Most guys have a strong opinion on the type of ride they like, so letting your groom choose this element of the wedding could really amp him up. 

4. It's all about the shoes.  We all have certain types of shoes that we feel the most comfortable in.  To help grooms feel more at ease, let him and his groomsmen wear whatever shoes they want.

3. Toss the ____________.  You can still have him take off the garter, but attach it to something fun for the groom to toss (football, video game box, empty can of beer...).  Have it fit his personal style.

2. Dancing +.  There are some really fun activities that can be a part of weddings.  In addition to dancing let him choose something else like a: poker table, cigar bar, GameTruck... etc.

1. Let him smash the cake in your face.  Okay this one may be silly, but the message here is letting your groom know you are relaxed about the day and just want to have fun.

If you have any more, please share away!