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7 “Musts” In A Groom’s Wedding Speech

Posted: May 11, 2017

Groom giving wedding speech standing next to his bride.

Hearing from the bride and groom, during their wedding, is something nearly every guest wants to see happen.  I say "nearly", because honestly there's always at least one who probably doesn't care about the wedding speeches. For the 99.9% that do, however, we want to be sure that the groom remembers to do the following for his one and only wedding speech:

7. Go Last.  This is the gentlemanly thing to do, and it shows respect to your guests.

6. Loose The Cliches.  No one wants to hear the same old thing everyone else has already said.  Be sure to give a wedding speech that's from the heart using your own words.

5. Practice.  There are some people who can sound polished on the fly, but for the rest of us it takes time to put the right words together for a speech.

4. Be Concise. Going on and on lessens the impact of your message with the audience.  Know what you want to say for your wedding speech, and then get to the point as quickly as possible.

3. Remember Both Parents.  It's so important to thank both sets of parents for all they've done in your life, as well as how they've made this wedding so special (be specific).

2. Mix It Up.  Try not to be too serious for the whole wedding speech.  It's important to add in a few lighthearted moments to keep your guests engaged and increase the impact of your words that tug at those heart strings.

1. ALWAYS End With A Toast To Your Bride.  Tell your wedding guests why she is so special to you, and have everyone raise their glass to honor her as your bride.

Got more wedding speech "musts"?  Please add away!  Here are some additional wedding speech tips for grooms.