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7 Grooms Cakes Guys Dig For Their Wedding

Posted: February 26, 2015

Just to be honest, most guys care way more about the taste of a wedding cake than the look.  We would rather pay $50 for a mouthwatering sheet cake than $650+ for an okay tasting cake that looks spectacular.  That said, most guys still appreciate creativity.  This is where the grooms cake comes in to play.  Imagine a great tasting cake that also looks cool.  After scouring the web in search of some stellar grooms cakes, we've come up with 7 that truly "take the cake".  Okay, that was a little cheesy...  Let's just say that these grooms cakes rank right up there.  So, if you're searching for some great grooms cake ideas, this is as good a place as any to start (and maybe even finish).

7. Grooms Cake - Oreo. Grooms Cake - Oreos

6. Grooms Cake - Superman costume under white shirt with tie. Grooms Cake - Superman

5. Grooms Cake and Wedding Cake split down the middle. Grooms Cake and Wedding Cake Split

4. Grooms Cake - Beer can pouring pouring into beer mug. Grooms Cake - Beer Can Pouring Into Beer Mug

3. Grooms Cake - White Nike shoe on top of orange Nike box. Grooms Cake - Nike Shoe & Box

2. Grooms Cake ~ Stacked Motorcycle Tires.  Grooms Cake - Motorcycle Tires

1. Grooms Cake - Rice Krispies Treats Stacked Big To Small.  Grooms Cake - Rice Krispies Treats