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5 Ways to Surprise Your Bride on Wedding Day

Posted: September 20, 2013

Groom singing to bride.

Your wedding day is sure to be one of the happiest days in both you and your brides' life. And to make it even more memorable, we’ve compiled a short list of special surprises for your wife-to-be to enjoy. Putting in a little extra thought and effort, throughout your wedding day, will go a long way in showing her how thrilled you are to be marrying HER! Plus, you'll feel so great about pulling off a special surprise, especially if she's been the one taking on most of the wedding planning details. Honestly, whether you go with just one or all five of these ideas for your wedding, your bride will be ecstatic!


Tray with coffee, butter, strawberries, milk, jam and heart shaped pancakes. Photo Provided By: Timothy Power

1.  Breakfast in Bed
Start the morning off right, and have your best man deliver her “breakfast in bed”. The hours leading up to the wedding are sure to be a bit hectic for your bride, so this should really brighten up her morning. Include some of her favorite breakfast foods (but nothing too heavy). Also, help calm any nerves she may have by including a red rose and a note or card with a sweet message.

Keira Knightly with actor husband in movie Love Actually. Picture Provided By: Tout Le Cine

2. Planned Performance
Organize a special performance for your bride.  Have it play out either during the ceremony or the reception. This can be anything from a band playing a love song to a surprise reading by a special friend or family member. A fun example of this is when bride (Keira Knightley) from the movie Love Actually is treated to a surprise performance of the Beatles song "All You Need is Love", at the end of her wedding ceremony. In the film, it was the grooms' best friend (star of AMC's The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln) who orchestrated the surprise.

Engraved bride and groom wedding bands. Picture Provided By: Love Wedding Bands

3. Engraved Wedding Band
This surprise is one that your bride will cherish forever. Surprise her by having a word or phrase engraved on the inside of her wedding band. Choose a message that is meaningful to your relationship like: your wedding date, a special bible verse or a line from a poem you know she loves. When she sees your sweet engraving, your bride is sure to be overwhelmed with happiness.  This is one surprise that definitely needs to be planned months in advance, however. And if you are unsure if she'll like a customized band, just run the idea by her without sharing exactly what the engraving will be. That way, the message itself will still be a surprise.

Bride and groom alone by tree. Picture Provided By: Southern Weddings Magazine

4. Alone Time
Throughout your wedding reception, you and your bride may find that you don't get very much one-on-one time.  How amazing would it be to plan some brief time away from everyone with a few private moments together!  Work with your wedding planner to schedule this in.  For example, wedding expert Emily Thomas, the Creative Director at Southern Weddings Magazine, shared a private picnic with her husband while her guests were having cocktail hour at her reception. She and her husband agree it was one of their favorite parts of their big day.

Groom singing to bride. Photo Provided By: Difo Fa Photography

5. Love Song
Surprising your bride with a love song at your wedding is a special way to declare your love for her.  This surprise will be especially amazing, if you don't usually sing. That being said, this is not a surprise to take lightly! A love song should be a beautiful performance, NOT a joke, so prepare your song ahead of time. Be sure to choose a song that is within your vocal range. Just visit the Huffington Post's list of Easy-to-Sing Love Songs for ideas, and consider taking private voice lessons too. No matter what, just remember that all the preparation will be worth it when you see your bride's huge smile on your big day!

Author Bio: Roger Kethcart is a writer at He writes posts about wedding related events using movies as his inspiration.