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5 Ways Guys Can Help With A Destination Wedding

Posted: October 29, 2015

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More and more couples are now deciding to get hitched away from home.  Sometimes this is because a bride or groom is going back where they grew up to have the wedding with their family, and in other cases it’s an excuse to get out-of-town and stay there for their honeymoon too!  Regardless, guys can be a huge help and support to their bride.  No matter how in to the wedding planning a bride might be, planning anything from a distance can take a lot more work and detail management.  If any bride is going to want her groom's help with the wedding planning, it’s with a destination wedding.  This is why we wanted to give guys a few hints that can really do wonders for the sanity of the wedding planning relationship.

1. Schedule a spa treatment for your bride.  Before you even get close to setting foot on a plane, reserve a time at the hotel you’ll be staying at for an hour + long session.  Book it around the time you’re planning to arrive at the hotel too.  This way she can go right into relaxation mode.  Just be sure to give yourself some buffer time, just in case there’s a delay in your travels (don’t want to add more stress).

2. Get your groomsmen gifts early.  Finding gifts in unfamiliar territory could prove very difficult, so the last thing you want to do is run out of time trying to get your groomsmen gifts before you leave (especially if they are getting engraved).  Plan ahead, so they are ready to go well in advance. 

3. Plan and manage any pre-wedding activities.  Depending on how early everyone is scheduled to arrive, you may want to schedule some activities for everyone to do together.  This could be a game of golf to dinner out.  Whatever you both decide to do, be sure you’re the one heading up the coordination of the details.

4. Take care of the welcome gifts.   It is customary and always a nice touch, to have a little welcome gift in the room of your out-of-town guests.  Think snacks, drinks and trinkets made in the local area. Determine who will be getting one, what goes in them and how to get them in the room before your guests arrive.

5. Plan some fun and romantic activities for after the wedding.  If your bride is handling most of the wedding planning details, then take on the activity details of the honeymoon part of this stay.  Talk with local travel agents or wedding planners to get some great ideas.