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5 Ways A Groom Can Personalize His Wedding

Posted: February 23, 2017

Star Wars Wedding.

The typical wedding doesn't really exist anymore.  So many couples are choosing to step away from "wedding traditions", and really make their special day fit their own personal style.  Because of this, a lot of guys are feeling more and more comfortable sharing their ideas as soon to be grooms.  Although this feeling of comfort may be true, there are still a good amount grooms that simply don't know what's possible.  To help, we've compiled some of the cool things other grooms have done before them.  Some of these ideas are pretty interesting to down right fantastic.  Plus, almost any groom can pull them off... not to mention score some major points with their bride.

5. Add A Special Theme.  Let's say you're really into a sporting team, video game, comic book or movie... well, why not incorporate those likes into your wedding.  You can do it with a few touches, or go all out like this couple:

4. Get Some Unique Entertainment.  If you're not a big dancer, but you like poker, video games or a nice cigar... well, why not incorporate one of those enjoyable pastimes into your wedding.  There are companies that can provide: poker tables and dealers, bring an RV loaded with TV's, couches, and your favorite video games, as well as companies that can create your own private whiskey and cigar bar.

Line of TVs in an RV.

3. Design Your Own Wedding Kicks.  Anyone can wear black or brown dress shoes, so why not create your own style and buy a pair for the guys in your wedding party.  They can even double as the groomsmen gift.  Nike ID (among others) can let you design till your hearts content.

Personalized shoes with the word groom's and shoes on the back.

2. Create Your Own Wedding Beer Labels.   Anyone can give chocolate for a wedding favor, but how about your own brew!  There are a lot of companies that can help you brew your own wedding beer and design some fun labels just for your big day.

Personalized wedding beer labels on bottles.

1. Write A Special Toast For Your Bride.  This one will score you some major points with your bride.  We've even got a groom toast outline to help you make a great impression on your guests and the one you love.

Groom on mic next to bride.

We always enjoy hearing more from other weddings, so please share away!!