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5 Simple Ways Grooms Can Help Save Money On Their Wedding

Posted: March 31, 2016

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What guy wants to spend more money on his wedding than he has to?  For that matter, what women would?  Well, since most guys aren’t as emotionally tied to the wedding celebration, they are ideally wired to be more practical with the money that gets spent.  Hence, you have a great way for grooms to support their bride during the preparation for their big day.  Yes, it may cause some intense discussions, but you might as well get ready now.  Marriage is going to be full of them.  It’s healthy, though.  If you can disagree well, then you will be that much more successful in marriage.  Okay, back to saving money.  We’ve gone ahead and put together a list of a few simple ways guys can step up and not only show that they want to be a part of the preparation for this important day, but they’re an invaluable part as well. 

1. Ask the right questions.  Venders always have deals, so be sure to ask.  If their deal doesn’t fit what you want just share what you are looking for, and you may be pleasantly surprised.
2. No Champagne. Most people take a few sips and then leave their glass on the table.  So, unless you really want it, cutting this out and having your guests use their drink of choice, can be a great savings.
3. Sign up for everything.  Wedding vendors are always giving away something to get your info, so take advantage.  This info is only good to them until you’ve booked them or a competitor, so this limited amount of “sell time” could be worth a heavy discount or even free services.
4. Look though every wedding publication.  You will be given a ton of these, so give them a quick glace for special offers.  There in there. Some are easier to find than others, but is always worth a look.
5. Use talents to make something.  Every guy is handy in a different way.  If it’s with your hands, you could build something for the ceremony.  Maybe you’re great with design, so why not take a stab at creating the invitations?   Just see what’s needed for a wedding, and see if you can save a little dough by doing it yourself.