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5 “Real” Extreme Weddings

Posted: December 03, 2015

Bride and groom underwater in scuba gear.

A wedding can be as unique as you choose to make it.  Sure there are elements like the wedding dress, officiant and the exchanging of rings that might take place in all of them, but making your wedding match your individual personalities is what it’s all about.  Now some couples will make small customizations like using their college fight song to exit the ceremony or enter the reception, while others will take it a bit further and have their own signature drinks, handmade postcards of places they’ve traveled to for table numbers and opt to toss a football with the garter around it.  Then there are still the few who go to the extreme to make their day one-of-a-kind.  In the end, where you fall on this wedding planning spectrum is really up to you and your budget.  As for the couples we are featuring below… let’s just say you might pick one of their ideas to incorporate into your big day (did we say "might").


1. Underwater Wedding:

Bride and groom underwater in scuba gear saying

Bride and groom underwater in scuba gear exchanging rings.

Photos by: Caters News Agency


2. Zombie Wedding:

Zombie bride getting out of coffin during wedding ceremony.

Zombie groom and best man during wedding ceremony.

Bloody finger bride and groom wedding rings.

Photos by:


3. Rock Climbing Wedding:


4. Star Wars Wedding:

Wedding family photo with everyone dressed as a Star Wars character.

Photo by: Robot vs. Badger


5. Knight In Shinning Armor Wedding: